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Job Seekers who hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer typically enjoy an 85% success rate in landing an interview? This is a sharp contrast to the 15% success rate (Source: PARW-CC) that uninformed job seekers experience. Reduce your time searching for a new job by ordering a new resume or an update with this professional service: GTA Resume, Award Winning Resumes, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We're just a phone call away: 416 226-0460, or email today:

This professional resume writing service will tailor a unique resume for you with all the bells and whistles, showing how you can add value to a new employer.

Certified Professional Resume Writers and Certified Resume Strategists are waiting for you to make the next move.

For more details you may contact 416-226-0460 or email and send your information for a quote. Or visit the website home page for a list of fees.

You're going to receive exceptional customer service.

Help with interview preparation.

Call and learn more.

Get re-hired at your place of employment or go for a new employment position.

Leave everything to the resume experts, the resume people you can count on to meet deadlines.

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