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  • Karen Shane, CPRW, CRS, BA, MOAD

Professional Resume Writing

Ever wonder how it is that others are receiving calls for interviews much more? Why not you? You may have been waiting for a few months but nothing is happening. It could be the way your resume is structured. Or, it could be a resume that worked 15 years ago but now resume writing styles and layouts have changed dramatically. Here's an idea, send it for my review, and I'll mention to you what I could improve as a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Certified Resume Strategist (CPRW).

If you're a job candidate looking for work now, this is the information you should know. Order a high quality progressive resume that will have persuasive communications for an employer to see how good you are at what you do for work. Email with your details for a quote. #jobhunt, #worker, #careerchangers , #employee #resumetips #resumewriter #resumeservices #resumes #resumehelp #resumewriting #needajob #generalmanager #managerjobs #canadajobs #newcanadians #salarynegotiations #recruit #healthcaresector

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