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  • Karen Shane, CPRW, CRS

Get the resume you need to work!

As a top rated resume writing service we're prepared to assist you with landing employment. Certified resume professionals are the resume experts you can count on from entry to executive resume writing. Expert Resumes Online helps new Canadians, PR, Canadian and US citizens, in addition to assisting people globally.

Why use our services? There are quite a few benefits:

1) Published in several resume books.

2) Customize resumes for each industry and person.

3) Bring out achievements and results as much as possible.

4) Always meet deadlines.

5) Practice measures during Covid 19.

6) Lower professional fees during Covid 19.

7) An abundance of keywords in your career documents.

8) Established in 1994.

9) We have your best interest in mind, so do yourself a favour and contact Karen today.

All you have to do is email your details for a quote to and/or call the

office: 416-226-0460.

Do you have an interview coming up?

Don't shop around any longer for CPRW / CRS resume writers. We'll match you with the most appropriate resume expert. Then, you'll likely get the ROI by securing a new job quickly. It only takes one or two weeks to get back your ROI from a new employer, by hiring GTA Resume personnel to optimizes your chances to work.

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